Poker Set In Case 100pc

Size: 100 Pack
Color: Silver
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Product Information

Poker set in an aluminum case, 100 pieces. This super poker set contains everything you need for an exciting card battle. 2 decks of French cards, chips of two suits and a "Dealer" chip, which must be placed in front of the dealer so that we know where the game begins. If desired, we can assign a value to the different colored chips. After the game, the props can be put back in the aluminum bag, which also comes with two keys. We can comfortably store and transport the set in the mini "suitcase" with handle. If you prefer to play dice poker, the set also contains 5 special red transparent dice for this purpose.


  • 50 green chips
  • 50 red chips
  • 2 stacks of cards
  • 5 dice
  • dealer chip
  • aluminum case

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