Konfidence Youth Swim Jacket

Size: 8-10 Years
Color: Pink/Lilac
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Product Information

The Konfidence Youth Swim Jacket allows you to achieve the best possible position in the water, making learning to swim so much easier. Designed using high-grade soft neoprene and offered in a single, simple aqua blue with a high-visibility yellow back, the youth swim jacket gives you complete buoyancy, confidence and comfort, whilst offering a more understated solution than other swimming aids. It offers a credible alternative to other swimming aids, particularly for older children who want to avoid the stigma of wearing armbands.

 The Konfidence Youth Swim Jacket has an adjustable buoyancy system, with 8 easy to remove floats, giving you fantastic flexibility, for staged swimming development in deeper water in which you might otherwise be uncomfortable. The Youth swim jacket has an adjustable strap neoprene strap that fits comfortably between the legs, which ensures a snug and secure fit. This strap is easy to remove if preferred.

Size Guides

When it comes to buying baby swimwear and swimming aids for children and adults, getting the right size product is critical – too small and the product will be uncomfortable, restrictive or even possibly unsafe; too large and the product will likely slip off and offer none of the benefits for which it was intended.

In order to help you ascertain which size product you should buy for your little one or yourself, we have produced a number of size guides offering guidelines as to the recommended size of product to be bought based on characteristics such as weight, chest size, arm length and head circumference. For some products, we have included dimensions and measurements to make it even more clear.

Most of our size guides are named according to age groups (for example, "4 to 5 years" or "18 months to 3 years"). However, it is important to remember that all children grow at different rates, so these age groups are merely guidelines. What is more important to look at are the individual measurements listed in tandem with the age groups, such as chest size and weight. This will give you a much better idea as to what size to purchase.

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