Funkita Kiss Kiss Silicone Swimming Cap

Size: Adults
Color: Pink/Blue
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Product Information

Comfortable and durable silicone swimming caps that are latex free.

One size fits all.

In this day and age there should be no worker forced to wear lipstick to work, unless of course your job is to kiss fabric all day. And that's exactly what we were subjected to in order to create this beautiful print for you. Punch into work, apply the lippie, kiss, kiss, kiss reapply , kiss, kiss, kiss repeat all day, every day.

  • Trim fingernails to avoid snagging or tearing the cap
  • Remove jewelry such as rings or earrings
  • Stretch swim cap wide
  • Start at forehead, pull cap over hair & down to the nape of your neck
  • The cap should be tight but comfortable

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