BoxPT Elastic Loop Band

Size: 9kg
Color: Red
Style: ElasticBandAss
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Product Information

Elastic Bands are one of the most useful items for training performance in any sport. They can be used for speed and agility, impulsion, plyometrics, flexibility exercises, stretching, general conditioning, prerehabilitation, rehabilitation, resistance, eccentric work, etc.

For beginners or experienced professionals. 

All of them are very light and resistant to stretching.

The Elastic Bands are one of the most versatile accessories, either for resistance training, mobility work, assistance in pull-ups or even banded squats. There are 5 color coded elastics to choose from, each one being 110 cm long but varying in width, thickness and strength. They are very useful for stimulating all physical abilities.

The Blue Resistance Band is used to achieve maximum strength in the squat, deadlift and shoulder press. These are recommended for experienced and high performance athletes.

The Purple and Green Bands are suitable for generally more experienced athletes, used in weightlifting movements: squatting or deadlift. They can be an excellent equipment for mobility.

The black and red bands are indicated to help in movements like pull-ups, dips or even muscle-ups, speed training and mobility.


  • Material: Natural Rubber Latex

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